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About us

About us

Shoe factory Centenário was created In 1941.

Since then, the company suffered several changes.

At the beginning, the manufacturing was totally handmade, exclusively to Portuguese market. In 1984 the second phase started with the construction of a new industrial warehouse and the purchase of modern equipment, diversifying the destination of our shoes. 50% of the production went to European market and the other half for the Portuguese market.

During 2003 new goals had to be achieved. The production increased, always keeping high quality standards.

During 2003 new goals had to be achieved. The production increased, always keeping high quality standards. 90% of the production went to European Market and the remaining to national market. The manufacturing warehouse was enlarged to double. The company invests in high technology equipments.

In 2005 began a new phase with the implementation of Goodyear System. Using this kind of construction, in 2009, the company started producing golf shoes, going to meet a market niche with great future, taking into account the enormous growth of this sport all around the world.

How We Do

Goodyear System

Goodyear System

The Goodyear System Welted construction was invented by Charles Goodyear in 1871 which revolutionised shoemaking enabling the combining of upper, lining and insole to a “welt” using a chain stich and stitching of the outsole by means of a lockstich.

EXCEPTIONAL CONFORT - The cavity between insole and sole is filled with a flexible cork compound which quickly moulds to the wearers footshape enabling the creation of the individuals own “footbed” to be formed. The aforementioned compound offers excellent thermal insulation and cushioning to the foot in wear.

Durability, strength and comfort are three of the most exceptional characteristics of this construction.

Blake System

Blake System

In this kind of construction the sole is attached by cutting one sewing using specific equipment. The most commonly used equipment for that operation is the brand name Blake giving the name to this type of construction.

In the Blake construction, fixing the sole by stitching the cut is made in the areas of the toe-cap and enfranque.




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